2014 Roller Derby World Cup Central

Well, after 4 days, 30 countries, and 71 games, the Blood & Thunder Roller Derby World Cup is over, and USA remains the world champion. Below are scores and brackets from the weekend and links to day and game recaps from the weekend.

If you purchased the four-day pass to watch the World Cup, you will have access to the archives for free (coming soon). Blood & Thunder is selling DVDs of the games for $20 a disc, one bout per disc. You can also purchase 3 discs for $30, 5 for $49, 10 for $99, or 20 for $159.

Day 1 Mega Recap!
Day 2 Mega Recap
Vagine Regime Expo
Day 3 Mega Recap
Semi-Final: USA over AUS 259-54
Semi-Final: England over Canada 156-112
Blood & Thunder All-Star Expo
3rd Place: Australia over Canada 197-128
1st Place: USA over England 219-105

Aerial shot from the Dallas Convention Center Arena by Danforth Johnson

Aerial shot from the Dallas Convention Center Arena by Danforth Johnson


Pool 1: 1st Place New Zealand, 2nd: Norway, 3rd: South Africa, 4th: Wales
9:00am New Zealand vs Norway (Track 1)
Halftime: New Zealand 109-24
Final: New Zealand 218-59
10:20am South Africa vs Wales (Thursday, Track 1)
Halftime: Wales 108-36
Final: Wales 208-97
5:00pm New Zealand vs South Africa (Thursday, Track 2)
Halftime: New Zealand 199-6
Final: New Zealand 315-15
6:20pm Norway vs Wales (Thursday, Track 2)
Halftime: Norway 83-32
Final: Norway 150-105
10:20am Norway vs South Africa (Track 1)
Halftime: Norway 108-30
Final: Norway 219-80
11:40am New Zealand vs Wales (Track 1)
Halftime: New Zealand 125-29
Final: New Zealand 250-60

Pool 2: 1st France, 2nd Brazil, 3rd Portugal, 4th Switzerland
11:40am France vs Switzerland (Track 1)
Halftime: France 189-8
Final: France 369-27
1:00pm Brazil vs Portugal (Track 1)
Final: Brazil 167-139
7:40pm France vs Brazil (Track 1)
Halftime: France 170-8
Final: France 315-14
7:50pm Switzerland vs Portugal (Track 3)
Halftime: Portugal 65-63
Final: Portugal 139-132
10:20am Switzerland vs Brazil (Track 2)
Halftime: Brazil 66-51
Final: Brazil 120-108
11:40am France vs Portugal (Track 2)
Halftime: France 153-19
Final: France 310-36

Pool 3: 1st Sweden, 2nd West Indies, 3rd Chile, 4th Japan
2:20pm Sweden vs West Indies (Track 1)
Halftime: Sweden 175-16
Final: Sweden 319-41
3:40pm Japan vs Chile (Track 1)
Halftime: Chile 171-20
Final: Chile 296-53
7:40pm Sweden vs Japan (Track 2)
Halftime: 235-0
Final: Sweden 459-0
10:30am West Indies vs Japan
Halftime: West Indies 144-35
Final: West Indies 235-70
11:50am Sweden vs Chile (Track 3)
Halftime: Sweden 154-30
Final: Sweden 296-39
2:30pm West Indies vs Chile (Track 3)
Halftime: West Indies 58-43
Final: West Indies 104-100 

Pool 4: 1st Finland, 2nd Scotland, 3rd Colombia, 4th Mexico
11:50am Finland vs Colombia (Track 3)
Halftime: Finland 123-19
Final: Finland 248-32
1:10pm Scotland vs Mexico (Track 3)
Halftime: Scotland 102-15
Final: Scotland 207-45
5:00pm Finland vs Scotland (Track 1)
Halftime: Finland 64-42
Final: Finland 126-78
6:20pm Colombia vs Mexico (Track 1)
Halftime: Colombia 86-26
Final: Colombia 163-75
9:00am Finland vs Mexico (Track 1)
Halftime: 125-23
Final: Finland 312-38
1:00pm Scotland vs Colombia (Track 1)
Halftime: Scotland 106-25
Final: Scotland 230-53

Pool 5: 1st Australia, 2nd Belgium, 3rd Italy, 4th Greece
9:00am Australia vs Italy (Track 2)
Halftime: Australia 302-3
Final: Australia 513-5
10:20am Belgium vs Greece (Track 2)
Halftime: Belgium 70-67
Final: Belgium 173-96
2:30pm Australia vs Belgium (Track 3)
Halftime: Australia 156-8
Final: Australia 349-24
3:50pm Italy vs Greece (Track 3)
Halftime: Greece 69-30
Final: Greece 125-82
9:00am Australia vs Greece (Track 2)
Final: Australia 449-17
1:00pm Italy vs Belgium (Track 2)
Halftime: Belgium 144-35
Final: Belgium 273-86

Pool 6: 1st England, 2nd Ireland, 3rd Germany, 4th Spain
11:40am Engalnd vs Germany (Track 2)
Halftime: England 144-9
Final: England 272-31
1:00pm Spain vs Ireland (Track 2)
Halftime: Ireland 99-17
Final: Ireland 203-74
5:10pm England vs Spain (Track 3)
Halftime: England 124-17
Final: England 294-20
6:30pm Germany vs Ireland (Track 3)
Halftime: Ireland 66-53
Final: Ireland 142-129
9:10am England vs Ireland (Track 3)
Final: England 329-50
1:10pm Germany vs Spain (Track 3)
Halftime: Germany 97-37
Final: Germany 216-70

Pool 7: 1st Canada, 2nd Argentina, 3rd Denmark
9:10am Canada vs Argentina (Track 3)
Halftime: Canada 126-21
Final: Canada 286-50
2:20pm Canada vs Denmark (Track 2)
Halftime: Canada 175-11
Final: Canada 301-23
2:20pm Argentina vs Denmark (Track 1)
Halftime: Argentina 117-47
Final: Argentina 202-85

Pool 8: 1st USA, 2nd The Netherlands, 3rd Puerto Rico
10:30am USA vs Netherlands (Track 3)
Halftime: USA 274-2
Final: USA 505-15
3:40pm USA vs Puerto Rico (Track 2)
Halftime: USA 364-0
Final: 637-3
2:20 Puerto Rico vs Netherlands (Track 2)
Halftime: Netherlands 84-76
Final: Netherlands 209-154

Final Group Standings

Final Group Standings

Friday Consolation Games
4pm Colombia vs Greece
Halftime: Colombia 150-67
Final: Colombia 305-136

4pm Spain vs South Africa
Halftime: Spain 71-51
Final: Spain 227-143

Saturday, December 6th 2014

9am Canada vs Brazil
Halftime: Canada 313-45
Final: Canada 581-75

9am Sweden vs Ireland
Halftime: Sweden 151-53
Final: Sweden 303-133

11am USA vs Norway
Halftime: USA 460-0
Final: USA 854-6

11am New Zealand vs Netherlands
Halftime: New Zealand 182-35
Final: New Zealand 356-91

1pm France vs Argentina
Halftime: France 94-90
Final: Argentina 205-162

1pm Finland vs Belgium
Halftime: Finland 184-46
Final: Finland 383-124

3pm Australia vs Scotland
Halftime: Australia 216-1
Final: Australia 464-35

3pm England vs West Indies
Halftime: England 337-27
Final: England 708-31

5pm USA vs Argentina
Halftime: USA 318-4
Final: USA 569-14

5pm Canada vs Team Finland
Halftime: Canada 191-36
Final: Canada 290-145

7pm England vs Sweden
Halftime: England 135-37
Final: England 278-72

7pm Australia vs New Zealand
Halftime: Australia 130-18
Final: Australia 284-56

Consolation Games

9:10am Mexico vs Japan
Halftime: Mexico 118-30
Final: Mexico 278-114

11:10am Switzerland vs Italy
Halftime: Switzerland 84-60
Final: Italy 193-136

1:10pm Wales vs Puerto Rico
Halftime: Wales 22-18
Final: Wales 395-75

3:10pm Portugal vs Denmark
Halftime: Denmark 82-78
Final: Denmark 245-135

5:10pm Chile vs Germany
Halftime: Germany 167-36
Final: Germany 330-116

7:10pm Denmark vs Puerto Rico
Halftime: Denmark 183-82
Final:: Denmark 332-169

9:00pm BONUS South Africa vs Netherlands 
Final: Netherlands 308-189

Sunday, December 7th, 2014

10am Semi-Final: USA vs AUS
Halftime: USA 128-20
Final: USA 259-54

12pm Semi-Final: England vs Canada
Halftime: England 82-58
Final: England 156-112

5pm 3rd Place: Australia – 4th Place: Canada
Halftime: Australia 116-40
Final: Australia 197-128

7pm 1st Place: USA – 2nd Place: England
Halftime: USA 95-45
Final: USA 219-105


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