2014 WFTDA Champs: Rose City Wheels of Justice roll over Bay Area, 187 -116

2014 WFTDA Champs: Rose City Wheels of Justice roll over Bay Area, 187 -116 Photo by Donna Olmstead

NASHVILLE, TN – Game 9 at the 2014 International WFTDA Championships was a match-up between Bay Area and Rose City for the right to advance to the championship game, Sunday at 6pm CDT. It was a fierce battle between the #2 and #3 ranked teams in the WFTDA, with Rose occupying the higher spot. Rose showed their strength right off the bat, while B.A.D. struggled throughout the game to gain momentum. Bay Area’s usually unassailable defense could not find an answer to Loren Mutch and Scald Eagle’s aggressive jamming style. Rose City laid down the law, dominating the entire game and emerged victorious against Bay Area 187 – 116.

Rose City came out strong, earning five lead jam calls in a row, all while managing to keep Bay Area off the scoreboard. Loren Mutch kicked things off for Rose, followed by Scald Eagle, who sliced through BAD’s four wall in a single stride. Licker*N*Split was next to claim lead for Portland, but could not hold on and Bricktator overtook her, forcing a call off. The next jam had Rose at the top of their jammer rotation; Loren Mutch continued Rose’s lead streak while still holding Bay Area scoreless.

The next jam saw Scald Eagle force her way through ahead of Nock Nock and attempt an apex jump that ended in a crash landing. Bay Area requested and won an official review that landed Scald Eagle in the box for misconduct, providing B.A.D. with a power start that allowed their first lead jammer status and five points.

This led to a brief shift in momentum as Bricktator was able to break free of Rose’s clutches, add four more points to B.A.D.’s total, and free two of her blockers from the box. Soon after, Nock Nock was able to score enough for a lead change: Bay Area 16 – 15. The next few jams saw B.A.D. slowly expanding their lead over Rose City a few points at a time.

However a track cut on Huck Sinn halted Bay Area’s run and Loren Mutch lit up the scoreboard during the power jam. Despite solid defense being doled out by Bay Area, Mutch picked up a grand slam – tying the score to 20 – 20.

In the next jam Licker*N*Split kept things rolling for the Wheels of Justice, earning 2 points—enough for the 2nd lead change of the night: Rose 22 – 20.

Scald Eagle continued Portland’s run with an easy four-point pass, emerging unscathed. Licker*N*Split reaped the benefits of a track cut by Bricktator. Fresh out of the box, Bricktator was assessed a low block as she crawled through the pack after being knocked to her knees. The jammer penalties continued—this time going to Rose—as Scald Eagle reported to the penalty box.

Bay Area called a time out with 9:38 to go, and they trailed 29 – 58.

A few jams later, Scald returned to the box for a forearm as she was being called lead. Nock Nock took advantage but a strong diamond of Rose slowed her down considerably.

Huck Sinn gained lead but lost a footrace to Loren Mutch, resulting in another 0-0 jam for B.A.D.  Nock Nock built upon the last jam by scoring a grand slam plus four, despite Bay Area losing two blockers to the box.

At the half Rose led Bay Area 79 – 54.

Nock Nock kicked off the second half for Bay Area by escaping the pack first, but unfortunately for Bay Area she did not do so cleanly— a forearm sent her to the box, where Murderyn Monroe and Belle RIGHT Hooks joined her shortly thereafter. Nock Nock was released from the box, but not for long, as a penalty sent her immediately back to the box. Rose City capitalized on the back-to-back power jams lighting up the scoreboard with 24 points.

Photo by Quick 'N Derby

Photo by Quick ‘N Derby

B.A.D. was back at full strength for the next jam, which helped Bricktator take lead and score the first four points of the half for Bay Area.  Licker*N*Split responded with two points for Rose. Scald Eagle followed her lead by again splitting Bay Area’s four wall down the middle.

Later a low block on Licker*N*Split provided an opportunity for Bay Area to gain some ground. Nock Nock answered the call and scored four points followed by a power start for Bricktator that led to seven points. However, Loren Mutch put an end to any momentum for Bay Area with a lead call. Later a track cut on Huck Sinn, would allow Licker*N*Split to enjoy a 10-point power jam.

Rose City continued to dominate the lead calls with Loren Mutch, Scald Eagle, and Licker*N*Split claiming lead back to back, while Bay Area continued to struggle with Rose’s wall of Rivas and Jennings.

Fortunately for B.A.D., Nock Nock was able to put an end to Bay Area’s lead jammer drought, adding three points to their score. But they could not sustain any momentum as LuLu Lockjaw was sent out on a multi-player, allowing Scald Eagle to swoop in for lead and multiple passes.

Once again it was Nock Nock to the rescue who added to a small run. LuLu Lockjaw set out to continue the momentum but a strong diamond formation slowed her down and forced a cut, leaving Loren Mutch on a huge 24-point power jam to LuLu’s four.

With 2:50 left in the game, Bay Area called a time out with Rose in the lead 187 – 103.

Late in the game, Licker*N*Split played some jammer on jammer defense, recycled Huck Sinn back, accidentally over shooting her mark, but it paid off in the end as Huck Sinn went to the box on a cut. But soon after, Licker*N*Split took a seat for a forearm, followed closely by Demanda Riot, who fouled out with 56 seconds remaining on the period clock.

Chantilly Mace started the final jam on a power start and cruised through the pack for five however, it was too little too late for Bay Area to mount a comeback. The Rose City Wheels of Justice controlled the game and doled out their own form of justice to the Bay Area All-Stars. Rose won decidedly 187 – 116.

Rose City will advance to the championship game tomorrow and take on the winner of Gotham versus London at 6:00PM CDT. (Don’t forget we gain an hour tonight!!!)





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