2014 WFTDA Champs: Bay Area Derby Girls Squash London Rollergirls 238 – 148

2014 WFTDA Champs: Bay Area Derby Girls Squash London Rollergirls 238 – 148 Photo by Danforth Johnson

NASHVILLE, TN – Bay Area Derby Girls All-Stars (#3) and the London Rollergirls London Brawling (#6) battled for 3rd place in the second to last game of the 2014 season. While London put forth a solid effort and was able to find cracks in B.A.D.’s armor, Bay Area dominated the entire game, taking control from the first jam and refusing to relinquish control until the clock expired. Bay Area crushed London, 238 – 148 and will take home the bronze.

Bay Area started strong, their signature swarming defense on full display, with Chantilly Mace as lead jammer and 4 passes virtually untouched for a score of 19 -0.

Bricktator continued the run, as London was unable to break through for multiple passes. Bay Area dominated early, and seemed to have addressed the penalty issues they suffered in last night’s game against Rose. Additionally, Bay Area jammers communicated well with their packs to control the speed and push the pace when needed. London offered their jammers offense but B.A.D.’s lightning fast recycling made it ineffective.

Stefanie Mainey answered the call for London, earning their first lead call and the first 2 points for London. However Brawling were not able to build momentum as shortly thereafter all of London headed to the box, leaving only 1 blocker on the track for a moment. Bay Area started off the next jam with a full contingent of blockers, leaving Chantilly Mace with only two London blockers to beat. Demanda Riot, AJ, Shannon Ball Dorato, and Kid Ace shut down Kamikaze Kitten, trapping her for ¾ of a lap and the majority of the jam, which resulted in a huge jam for Mace.

Once again Stefanie Mainey grabbed lead jam, taking advantage of the pack advantage and brought London’s point total to 6. Next, Kamikaze Kitten added 4 to the scoreboard for London.

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Photo by Danforth Johnson

Later on Huck Sinn took a seat for the first jammer penalty against Bay Area on a forearm, but great partner defense at the top of the pack slowed down Rogue Runner and diminished her effectiveness on the power jam.

London found success against Bay Area’s defense, utilizing a chaotic man-to-man offense to distract and pick off individual blockers in B.A.D.’s wall, clearing the path for Kamikaze Kitten to rack up points. Bay Area had a bit of trouble adjusting to Brawling’s strategy and struggled to stay together and maintain their defensive formations.

Late in the half Nock Nock was assessed a track cut, providing a dangerous opportunity for Stefanie Mainey but soon Mainey received a forearm that freed Nock Nock early. Nock Nock was not on the track for long before another penalty was called on her, this time a forearm. The double power jam set up London for their biggest jam of the game so far for 13 points.

Despite a touch of penalty trouble Bay Area closed out the half with a significant lead over London, 127 – 70.

Bay Area made an adjustment at halftime resulting in London’s one on one offense no longer having the desired effect. The first lead jammer went to Bricktator, though no points for either team were scored due to a little jammer on jammer against Mainey in order burn the penalty of her blocker. In the next jam Chantilly Mace scored the first 3 points of the half for the ladies in black and gold.

It was Mainey once again who picked up the first lead jam call and points for London 5 minutes into the second period. Kamikaze Kitten used the momentum from the previous jam to gain lead and add to London’s score.

About halfway through the second period G$ called an official review to challenge the non-call of a possible cut on London’s jammer that occurred during the previous jam. After review, a cut call was issued to Kamikaze Kitten, who started the next jam in the box. It proved a smart use of an official review, not only because it was successful but the official review also served to bring the game to a halt and stymie London’s momentum and resulted in a 14-point jam for Bay Area.

Mainey ended London’s lead jam drought, but unfortunately for London a star pass to Kid Block ended with her being sent to the box, leaving Mace to jam unopposed.

Towards the end of the game a forearm penalty on Mace, gave a power jam to Rogue Runner but she got recycled way back by Dolly Rocket in an excellent penalty kill by Bay Area. London double teamed Demanda Riot in an effort to get their jammer through, but Kid Ace and Belle RIGHT Hooks stepped in, trapping Rogue Runner.

The first foul and only foul out of the game went to Kid Block for Brawling with 1:23 left in the game. As the clock wound down Nock Nock slowed down in the turn to play jammer on jammer with Kamikaze Kitten but it was unsuccessful as Kitten leapt over the apex, shirking off the hip check. London finished strong with a _ point jam and a power jam for Mainey during the final jam as Bricktator headed off to the box. Unfortunately, Bricktator was released from the box and Stefanie Mainey ended the game in the box on a backblock.

Strong defense throughout the game allowed Bay Area to dominate and conquer London, 238 – 148, claiming 3rd place in the 2014 WFTDA International Championship with London finishing in 4th place.

LuLu Lockjaw sat out of the game due to a MCL tear that she sustained in last night’s game against Rose City.

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