2014 WFTDA Champs: D1 Preview, Bay Area Derby Girls

2014 WFTDA Champs: D1 Preview, Bay Area Derby Girls Bay Area Derby Girls at Rollercon this year. Photo by Donalee Eiri, Photography by D.E.sign, www.myderbyphotos.com

Bay Area Derby Girls come into this year’s Championships hungry. Last year, the team in black and gold found themselves on the same side of the championship bracket as Gotham, and met them in the semi-finals. Despite putting up a fight right down until the final whistle, Bay Area found themselves in the third place playoff, losing to Gotham by 49 points but going on to beat Denver by 50. They start this weekend with a bye, and play the winner of Denver vs. Philly on Saturday at 10am CDT*.

Bay Area approaches this tournament with not only a spot on the other side of the bracket from Gotham, but an impressive 13-0 record this season, with huge wins against top teams that have kept them at the top of most players’ Most Feared lists. Starting off this season, Bay Area let Treasure Valley put up a whole 12 points in their 623-point blowout, before moving onto the Tinseltown Showdown, where they swept the competition and beat Terminal City, Denver, and hosts Angel City. They have since gone on to prove their tournament-level stamina by playing multiple games at home during The Golden Bowl, in Vegas at Rollercon, and at WFTDA playoffs in Salt Lake City.

Not once out of all 13 of these wins has Bay Area allowed their opposition to score more than 100 points. Detroit got closest at the end of Rollercon, when they were able to scratch up 96 points, and Angel City clawed their way to 93 points in the Salt Lake City final. Bay Area, meanwhile, has only failed to clock up less than 200 points on two occasions – against Angel City at Golden Bowl, and against Rocky Mountain at Rollercon.

So how does Bay Area clock up such impressive numbers? On the jamming side, the team not only has a deep rotation of five possible candidates, but within this lineup there is strength, lateral movement, accuracy and precision. At playoffs, Bay Area proved that they didn’t need Bricktator to play all three games in order to sweep the tournament, and Bricktator herself proved that she only needed to play two games to snap up MVP. Nock Nock showed amazing tenacity throughout all three games, picking up lead jammer 28 of 32 jams (87.5%), followed by Lulu Lockjaw who grabbed lead 23 of 31 times (74%).

But it’s not just Bay Area’s jamming lineup that’s holding it down for San Francisco – Bay Area’s blocking heavies are also there on the front lines providing stiff, cohesive defense and calculated, timely offense. Top players from Salt Lake City include Murderyn Monroe, who came away with a +368 points differential and only six penalties across three games, and Shannon Ball Dorato, who blocked her way to a +355 with eight penalties. Overall Bay Area’s penalties are higher than last year’s impressively low count, but are still below the likes of other teams. With just 86 penalties across three playoff games, they are well below Gotham, who picked up 103 at playoffs.

Bay Area are coming into the tournament as a #1 seed, so they get to miss day one of games. On Saturday, they will face off against the winner of Denver vs Philly. While they haven’t played Philly this year, they have already beaten Denver twice this season – most convincingly at Rollercon, where they won by 142 points. Should they win, they go onto the semi-finals to play against the winner of Rose vs Rocky or Windy.

#0 Slaybia Majora // #000 Demanda Riot // #1 Liza Machete // #10 Huck Sinn // #1619 belle RIGHT hooks // #19 Steely Jan // #21 Lulu Lockjaw // #238 Baron Von Punchausen // #26 Chantilly Mace // #32 Nock Nock // #36 Skatelyn // #45 Dolly Rocket // #48 Bricktator // #5 Skrappie // #505 Shannon Ball Dorato // #52 Kid Ace // #7 Murderyn Monroe // #888 Brawllen Angel // #89 Mean Burrito // #9 Amanda Jamitinya

*Don’t forget that Daylight Saving Time ends Sunday, November 2nd at 2am, turning clocks back one hour.

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