D1SLC: B.A.D. (#1) Disciplines Angel City (#2), 228 – 93

D1SLC: B.A.D. (#1) Disciplines Angel City (#2), 228 – 93 Bay Area bests Angel City to take playoffs 1st placing. Photo by Donna Olmstead Photography.

Salt Lake City, UT – In the championship game of the Salt Lake City playoffs, #1 seed B.ay A.rea D.erby Girls All Stars and #2 seed Angel City Derby Girls Hollywood Scarlets delivered the anticipated battle of strength and all-but-impossible defense that was to be expected with this matchup. While Angel City put up a relentless fight against B.A.D.’s nearly impenetrable walls and matched B.A.D. in jammer strength, they were ultimately not able to outlast the All Stars. Bay Area took the win 228 to 93, and will head to Nashville as this playoff’s victors.

In the first half, Angel City’s new addition, Satan’s Little Helper, led the way for the Scarlets while Bay Area’s Huck Sinn dominated for the All Stars. In the beginning, B.A.D. made Angel City work for every point, but their traditionally strong defense looked rattled by Angel City. Both teams did not look remotely fazed by having already played this weekend, which looks to be a reflection of both teams having worked hard this season to increase endurance and strength training off skates.

Despite starting out slow, Bay Area quickly figured out Angel City’s number and began consistently holding Angel relatively scoreless while steadily putting points on the board. The first half also quickly became a penalty-heavy game, maintaining consistency with the rest of the tournament. At this point, Bay Area looked to be dominating the game steadily and at the half, the score sat at 107 to 56, Bay Area advantage.

Coming out of halftime, Angel City looked to have renewed their defensive strength, holding Bay Area’s jammers back with the same intensity of their opponents. In the fifth jam of the half, the defense on both sides was so slow and grinding that both jammers were visibly exhausted. Satan’s Little Helper had gone to the box, leaving Nock Nock with a power jam opportunity but Angel City’s defense was impossible and Nock Nock eventually stopped fighting altogether, letting the jam clock expire. This same type of scene played out several times throughout much of the second half.

In spite of the very similar defensive games played by both teams, Bay Area was able to hold Angel City scoreless for over 15 minutes of game play. While Bay Area did not score a large number of points throughout this time, they were able to steadily widen the point differential. This held Angel City at a difficult point distance for the second half, but did not stop Angel from fighting hard to the end.

The last ten minutes of the game were a battle of grit and strength, so much so that at no point during the second half did the score seem to accurately reflect the close match of skill and game play that both B.A.D. and Angel City were bringing.

Penalties plagued Angel City, and certainly also played a role in the overall game with a few foul outs and many jammer penalties occurring. After an exhausting, grueling fight to the very end, Bay Area secured themselves as victors of the Salt Lake City games, winning 228 to 93, and securing themselves advantageous positioning in the coming Nashville Championships tournament seedings.

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