D1SLC: Angel City Derby Girls (#7) Over Arch Rival Roller Girls (#27), 240-80

D1SLC: Angel City Derby Girls (#7) Over Arch Rival Roller Girls (#27), 240-80 Photo by Regularman www.regularmanphotography.com

SALT LAKE CITY, UT—Game 4 saw Angel City (seed #2) face off against Arch Rival (seed #7). The story of the game was Angel City’s strong defensive three walls and well-timed offense that allowed for Angel City to take the lead and never look back. Arch Rival adapted well, upping their lead percentage in the second half. But in the end it was Angel City taking the win over Arch Rival 240 – 80.


Angel City started strong, grabbing lead jam by turn two. Not to be outdone, Arch Rival’s Brickyard responded by snagging lead jam and putting up two points. Back to back power jams in Angel City’s favor allowed them to take an early lead. In the next jam, Angel City returned the favor by sending their jammer to the box, however, Arch Rival was not able to capitalize and a cut track penalty freed Angel City’s jammer. ACDG’s defense presented a huge problem for Arch Rival. Their jammers were often caught behind a tight three wall for multiple passes. Toward the end of the half Arch Rival began to find some cracks in the armor and grabbed lead, as blocker penalties for ACDG piled up. Arch Rival’s standout jammer was Brickyard with 24 points. At halftime the score was 142 Angel City to 34 Arch Rival.

The start of the second half mirrored the first two jams of the game. Chica Go Lightning grabbed lead first putting up 4 points and in the second jam, it was Brickyard again for Arch Rival—picking up lead and 4 points. Despite the score difference Arch Rival made gains against Angel City outscoring them 21 to 17 with 19:00 minutes of game play to go. Angel City regrouped quickly with impressive back walls and massive hits being doled out by Krissy Krash and Rachel Rotten. A key to Angel City’s success was consistent well-timed offense throughout the game.

Top jammers for Angel City were Mickispeedia with 80 points and Chica Go Lightning with 60. Brickyard was Arch Rival’s top jammer with 35 points followed by Mighty Mighty Boston with 21. Final score: Angel City Derby Girls 240 – Arch Rival Roller Girls 80.

Angel City is moving on to meet the winner of Rocky Mountain Rollergirls and Wasatch Roller Derby at 8:00PM (MDT) on Saturday, sending Arch Rival to the consolation bracket for their next game at 6:00PM on Saturday.

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