2016 MRDA Champs: #1 GateKeepers take 1st against #2 Your Mom, 165-129

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX – The final game of the 2016 MRDA Championships was the third consecutive time that the St. Louis GateKeepers and Your Mom Men’s Derby took the track to play for the MRDA title. In 2014, Your Mom took 1st place for the third time in a row, but then last year the GateKeepers won Championships for the first time ever.

This year the GateKeepers had an impressively solid season, while Your Mom got their games in late in the year against lower ranked teams. St. Louis did trail the Des Moines team for most of the first half, but momentum shifted and the GateKeepers proved that last year’s win wasn’t just home court advantage. In a fast paced and chaotic game, they pushed ahead to take the win against Your Mom, 165-129.

2016 MRDA Champs Central

2016 MRDA Champs Central Photo credit: Donna Olmstead Photography.

The Championships for the Men’s Roller Derby Association (MRDA) is taking place in North Richland Hills, Texas, and hosted by Texas Men’s Roller Derby. Over the 15th and 16th, ten teams will battle through the bracket to decide the 2016 Champion.

2016 MRDA Champs: #3 Texas takes 3rd over #4 Bridgetown, 150-143

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX – No one thought it was possible to get a more intense bout than those already seen at Lone Star Showdown, and then Texas and Bridgetown took the track. Physicality was the name of the game, and Texas was able to lure the defensively-sound Menace into a fast game that suited their need for Bronze with a win, 150-143.

2016 MRDA Champs: #6 New York takes 5th against #6 Puget Sound, 180-126

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX – Playing for 5th place at the 2016 Men’s Roller Derby Association World Championships was the #5 seed New York Shock Exchange against the #6 seed Puget Sound Outcasts of Seattle, WA. Both teams came in ready to rumble and kept the crowed fired up with exciting back and forth exchanges. New York was able to hold out to keep their number five spot 180-126.

2016 MRDA Champs: #10 Vancouver soars past San Diego, 232-128

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TX – Yesterday #10 Vancouver Murder and #9 San Diego Aftershocks took losses in their first round games. The MRDA Champs bracket doesn’t have a true consolation route, but each team was given the opportunity for at least two games (or unless the #1 or #2 teams lost their first game, according to this bracket structure).

At their debut trip to MRDA Champs, Vancouver struggled to obtain lead status yesterday against Southern Discomfort, but today they picked up 80% of leads in the first half. San Diego didn’t really seem to kick in defensively until the second half, but scoring came mostly from B. Stang, who earned the majority of the points for the team. Vancouver ended up taking  their first ever win at MRDA Champs with a 232-128 victory against San Diego.