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Support Roller Derby Coverage Photo credit: Danforth Johnson.

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2017 MRDA Championships

Hosted by South Wales Silures and the Men’s Roller Derby Association, the 2017 MRDA Champs take place outside the United States for the first time in Cwmbran, Wales.

This is also the first year that MRDA held Playoff tournaments prior to the Champs bracket. Playoff #1 was held in Toulouse, France the weekend of July 29th-30th. Five teams participated there with the Toulouse Quad Guards and Manchester Roller Derby advancing to Champs. At Playoff #2 in Richmond, BC, Canada seven teams played for the final two spots in Wales which went to the Philly Hooligans and Austin Anarchy.

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 3 Medal Games

The final two games of the day didn’t disappoint, and looked like the theme of the day would be seeding upsets. Although Minnesota and Dallas confirmed their initial placements in the 9th place game, Arch Rival’s Saint Lunachix and Angel City’s Rocket Queens both left tournament higher than they were seeded. (Read about those games here.)

The Texas Firing Squad made Gotham’s stock plummet, but Rose City defended their Championship title and fought back against a bruising Denver opponent.

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 3

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 3 Photo credit: Phantom Photographics.

The first three consolation games of the day were hard-fought and exciting with each team battling through to their very last jam of the weekend. Minnesota Nice got their first win of the weekend to leave the tournament in the position they came in at, while the other two games resulted in seeding upsets.

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 2

2017 B-Team Champs: Day 2 Photo credit: Phantom Photographics.

Day 2 of B-Team Champs had some interesting matchups with many close first halves that blew wide open for one team in the second half. Nonetheless, every jam was hard fought for either side, and every game was played intensely until the final whistle. #6 Denver Bruising Altitude pulled off a solid upset against #2 Gotham Wall Street Traitors, and #7 Angel City Rocket Queens continued to show that they came in a bit under-seeded as well.

Catch up on Day 1 and read on to see where the teams fall for placements on Sunday. Re-watch today’s games here.